The script for the GOGOPLEX exhibition

(September  2010, The Gallery Azyl, Plzeň)


    I would like to begin with telling you a secret…I hate vernissages, especially my own. Hence, I always try to do it differently.
    So let’s begin!

    Gogoplex, you might ask ‘What does it actually mean?’ In the Czech language it means ‘absolutely everything’.
This exhibition is not based around one theme. It is rather a taster of my work from 2006.

    As you can imagine absolutely everything under the word gogoplex, an idea came to me to talk about bumble bees.
Do you know bumble bees? Do you know how they live? How they feed, mate and when they die? When you begin to understand their lives suddenly you will find that they are absolutely adorable creatures. They are naturally wise, hard-working and their life is not only a walk though a meadow covered by pink flowers. What I would like to mention is that a bumble-bee should not be able to fly due to ‘technical’ issues. Its wings are just too small to be able to overcome gravitation.
However, a bumble-bee is not a scientist who could work this out. It is not a Leonardo da Vinci and able to design a flying machine. A bumble-bee is not even a philosopher who could contemplate about what flying is all about. It is just a bumble-bee. And its goal is to fly. So it tries and tries and wiggles its wings all it can and …it flies.

    It is quite simple. What do you think?

    You are probably wondering why I’m talking about bumble bees. The reason is simple. I am trying to inspire you to want to get to know things witch you have not experienced before. To remove barriers which overshadow your view of life. To widen your horizons and make you appreciate beauty again that might be around you. Mainly I would like you to understand that you have your dreams ‘in your hands’. Hence if your dreams come to true or not depends on you only.

Nothing is impossible – do not forget the bumble bees!