Bibliographical talk for the MONOCHROM exhibition

(November 2012, Azyl Gallery, Plzeň)

      I was born in 1986. One can remember it easily as this was the year of the Chernobyl disaster. I don’t know if I had been struck by the cloud or by something completely different. Nevertheless I have been struck by something. I fell off a sour cherry tree when I was a young girl but that is probably the last thing that could have influenced my path through life.

    I spent my early years in Plzen and put down my roots there which I find very difficult to ignore these days. At the age of sixteen with my heart clean and untainted by either knowledge or experience I set off to Prague. The industrial art college in Prague, Žižkov, tried to make me into a resilient creature. Nevertheless, it was the mother of cities, Prague that taught and made me want to survive.  After my final ‘Maturita’ exams I tried to continue studying but I soon waved that idea aside and decided to stay in the centre of the city. The fact that I do not want to study does not mean I am lazy. I just do not enjoy talking about art and I prefer taking a paint brush and charging at the first blank canvas that I encounter.

    I went a bit mad in the fall of the year 2010. At the sight of first snow I moved to Králuv Dvur nearby Beroun and there I began the hard battle of trying to make a living as a painter. 

This is quite hard to do unless one had already been dead for a few years. Thus I do not recommend this choice of career to the weak-hearted. The image of a sitting painter in a nice sunny atelier painting beautiful flowers and drinking Merlot… is absolutely misleading.

    At the beginning of the last winter I moved to Karlovy Vary. Yet again I had no reason for doing that… just an idea. Last summer I set off again but so far I don’t know where I will settle down still holding on tight to my goals. I am a painter not because I enjoy being one but because I have no other way to live my life.

    I have a few individual exhibitions under my belt. Due to my bad memory I cannot tell you the exact number but I guess it must be about twenty. The latest exhibitions were organised in Loket and Karlovy Vary. If everything goes to plan I will start in Vienna next year.

    I am currently working on art commissions in a temporary atelier in Tymákov u Plzně and I am looking forward to embracing new beginnings. 

Exhibition of paintings