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Doris Oplová has offered an overview of her artwork

(October 2011, Lurago Gallery, Chomutov)

These days the Gallery Lurago is offering all art lovers an exhibition of a young outstanding artist, Doris Oplova, who has chosen a collection of her paintings from various periods of her life and of various techniques. The name chosen for this exhibition ‚Čistý průstřel mou tvorbou‘ (the title which could be translated as ‘The clean cut through my work’) expresses the varied character of the exhibition, which makes it comprehensible even for the non-artists.

Doris Oplová, who also signs her paintings with the pseudonym Edward Wolf or EDW, exhibited also some of her college work. ‘Then painting was a way of how to rid myself of certain things. This was in a way a depressing period for me.’ the authoress smiled as she was gradually showing and introducing her work to her guests. She also added that this chapter of her life is well and truly behind her.

The really intensive and depressive portraits are then followed by paintings of women among which you can find some famous poses of celebrities as well as gentle sketches of starry-eyed beauties. ‘A woman is a very difficult art theme and that is why I am intrigued by it.’, explained Ms. Oplova who prefers the beauty of fast engines. So you can find several paintings of vehicles and motorbikes where the artist used her sense of humour and sarcasm. A number of paintings of women and vehicles have been painted from photographs. ‘I think that such poses and seclusion are almost impossible to make up so that is why I like painting from photographs.’ Ms. Oplova admitted. However, her preciseness as well as witty iridescence portrayed in her paintings that were painted from photographs is enchanting. The last part of the exhibition includes surreal and abstract paintings. According to Ms. Oplova she also ‘took a sniff at such style.’

During the vernissage Mr. Roman Pesir, while introducing the work of this young artist, stated that he admires her work as it is comprehensible and I can do nothing else but agree with that. Whether you are a lover of surrealism and abstraction or of detailed portraits of films stars you will be intrigued by this exhibition. And maybe you will find other work of Ms. Oplova intriguing and this young woman will enchant you as all the vernissage guests. This exhibition at Lurago Gallery will be opened till 25th October 2011.