Vine & Art

The images are the same as wine. It is a colorful and differently tasting range of sensations.
From sweet to dry, from old mellow varieties to young sorts, which can´t be stored for decades.
Some wines taste from the first degustation, by other we appreciate aftertaste.

From sparkling to flavourous, from white through pink, yellow to black, from medieval to modern.
From full-colour to monochromatic, from large to small, from ingenious authors to enthusiasts,
to say nothing of the techniques. And most importantly, to everybody tastes something completely
different, somebody is satisfied with lower quality kind, another must buy winebottles for thousands.

One must drink away to the certain wines. Unpractised tongue probably doesn´t appreciate old,
full-bodied, earthy flavours very much. And it´s also hard if one knows secrets of these fine
wines – then it´s difficult to have a meal only with some fermented fruit juice.

I observe that same feature in the art. More likely, unpractised eye appreciates realism
and paintings  speak about things that we know. Exacting viewer who has already seen many
pieces gladly tends to more abstract artworks. Even the artists themselves move from the known
and real to the unknown and unreal – they access and approach to their personal voyages
discovering their own Americas.

However, don´t take this process of change as some ideal that one must pass. One of my aunts,
for example, can´t even smell a wine, other aunt drinks just the sweetest, lower quality sorts and
doesn´t understand how anyone can put into his mouth dry red. It is the same as with the art,
everyone loves what fit into his life. There is no need to raping and forcing anything to myself
from those who dictate what is good, quality art and what is not.

Keep your opinion. Discover what will taste right for you!