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The images are the same as wine. It is a colorful
and differently tasting range of sensations.
From sweet to dry, from old mellow varieties
to young sorts, which can´t be stored for decades.
Some wines taste from the first degustation,
by other we appreciate aftertaste.

From sparkling to flavourous, from white through pink,
yellow to black, from medieval to modern. From full-colour
to monochromatic, from large to small, from ingenious
authors to enthusiasts, to say nothing of the techniques.
And most importantly, to everybody tastes
something completely different, ...


  „Fly-e ssay“

or „uncopied/uncompromising talking about copies,
compromises and flies in the painting“

Teachers have told me that the best way how
to learn the craft is to copy the masters.
I used to say myself: "It's useless, I look and I see, don´t I?"
When I simply study the painting properly,
o I say, yeah, here is it, there is something else,
I name it nicely and I´m ready. Done – learned.

Five years ago, I tried to copy Klimt's famous painting
"Judith and Holofernes" because of the potential contract.
At first I looked at the picture, read a little bit
about Klimt´s life and hastily tried one of his color
sketch at the end. In short, if you don´t know what
you go into, you aren´t so much afraid. .. .



Bibliographical talk
for the MONOCHROM exhibition

I was born in 1986. One can remember it easily
as this was the year of the Chernobyl disaster.
I don’t know if I had been struck by the cloud
or by something completely different.
Nevertheless I have been struck by something.
I fell off a sour cherry tree when I was a young girl but that is probably the last thing that could have
influenced my path through life.



eChomutov wrote about my exhibition

Doris Oplová has offered an overview of her artwork

    These days the Gallery Lurago is offering all art lovers
an exhibition of a young outstanding artist,
Doris Oplova, who has chosen a collection of her paintings
from various periods of her life and of various techniques.
The name chosen for this exhibition
‚Čistý průstřel mou tvorbou‘
(the title which could be translated as ‘The clean cut through my work’)
expresses the varied character of the exhibition,
hich makes it comprehensible even for the non-artists. ...


The script for the GOGOPLEX exhibition

I would like to begin with telling you a secret…
I hate vernissages, especially my own.
Hence, I always try to do it differently.
So let’s begin!
Gogoplex, you might ask ‘What does it actually mean?’
In the Czech language it means ‘absolutely everything’.
This exhibition is not based around one theme.
It is rather a taster of my work from 2006.
As you can imagine absolutely everything under the word gogoplex,
an idea came to me to talk about bumble bees.
Do you know bumble bees? ...