or "uncopied/uncompromising talking about copies,
compromises and flies in the painting"


Teachers have told me that the best way how to learn the craft is to copy the masters. I used to say myself:
"It's useless, I look and I see, don´t I?" When I simply study the painting properly, so I say, yeah, here is it,
there is something else, I name it nicely and I´m ready. Done – learned.

Five years ago, I tried to copy Klimt's famous painting "Judith and Holofernes" because of the potential 
contract. At first I looked at the picture, read a little bit about Klimt´s life and hastily tried one of his color
sketch at the end. In short, if you don´t know what you go into, you aren´t so much afraid. The painting
of the picture itself absorbed me immediately and didn´t leave me in peace. I was fighting with it 24/7,
looking for a way in rows on canvas, I even hid one eye due to Klimt´s eye defect. (By the way,
I´m convinced since then that to Klimt´s ethereality of women contributed just this handicap.) The result
was an abortive copy, circles under my eyes from lack of sleep, I lost two kilograms, my hair thinned,
I was down-in-the-mouth from the fact that I can´t paint at all and I got depressed from that how terrible
depressions must have had Klimt. The copy of "Judith and Holofernes" gave me one
positive thing – moved me in the craft as anything else before.

With the early beginning of this year began Mucha (famous Czech painter, his name is very similar
to a Czech word “moucha” which means “fly” in English – translator's note) unreasonably annoy my
muses. I wanted to paint just such a secession joke – it was a skull with hibiscus in Mucha´s style. A month
later, I began to browse aimlessly Mucha's paintings and so I created the first sketch. It shows a woman
carrying a bouquet in her hands, under the bouquet hides something mechanical and probably alive.
That was the moment when I got an idea to do a parody of Mucha. Just a little play with his technique,
retain his elegance and magnificence at first glance, but at second sight show
the onlooker's eyes something completely different than he expected.

I finally gave out maintaining accurate Mucha´s techniques and in making preparations for two paintings
in size of 120 x 170 cm I went to a bit more modern and comics form. Before going to bed, I bit my nails
and in my head flew variants of what should I hide under his flowers. Maybe a sign of nuclear waste instead
of daisy bloom. This sign was finally replaced by respirator, then breathing mask, and when we are there,
so why not straight the skull?

... well, I adorn it somehow by the secession tangled deadwood ...

When I yearningly sat to the stand, after long making plans, again I confirmed how great my blindness is.
Up in the actual work, I realized that this guy was either a genius, or – saving your reference – pisspoor like
a hole in the snow. His technique perfectly balancing on the edge, where is an extreme painter's
abbreviation on the one hand (as the art technique itself, as well as visual space) while on the other side 
is still fully preserved realism and elegance for the viewer. In other words, I would compare it to
a shorthand, just a few characters say absolutely everything. You just need to know how to do it.

So when I look at the work of Alfons Mucha, I must admit that God gave him certainly something extra.
It's a talent, or patience, diligence, hard work, love ...? Again I returned to the same point where
I even started, now I just see him in a different light. My craft teaches me
how to be a better person over again.