Barrel Organ

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 150 × 90 cm
Date: 2019
Signature: Doris

Price: $2600

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This inscription refers to the legendary "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp.
He signed the urinal bowl with exactly this signature. He made it a work of art. It was at that time a big fuss.
From today's point of view, we perceive it as one of the most significant turning points in the history of art
There are wash marks on the canvas and a strong structure of oil paste too

The name "Barel Organ" is a parallel to Duchamp's name "Fountain".
When you turn the urinal, it functionally becomes a fountain.
Likewise, when you attach a handle to my transmission and start turning,
it will make sounds like a barrel organ :)

Signed by my first name


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