Purchase – sale of original painting

Please contact me by email for the sale of selected painting, we´ll agree on the price and delivery.
Please also note the price for postage or shipping.

NEW: I now offer payment option via PayPal.
Following the agreement of the final price I´ll send you a link for payment.

LINK to the sales gallery of the paintings.

REFERENCE to all selected paintings


Other services:  

Illustration, comics     

Body painting     


Creation of advertising or promotional material     
(logos, posters, banners, etc.)     

Consultation and advice     


   Applied techniques:

     Oil painting


     Acrylic painting

     Combined technique

     Watercolour (aquarelle), gouache

     Drawing (pencil, ink, pastels, ...)

     Airbrush with water-soluble colours


I´ll be very glad to answer any of your questions – here.