Doris Wolf

Paintings with a soul

I´m Doris, the artist, and my goal is to enrich others with my honesty
and untraditional view of the world expressed in my paintings
You can enjoy my original paintings
or I can create a painting based on your requirements


Yours truly
Doris Tesárková Oplová



From industrial motives to lively details it must be exciting to be painting them to inspire the others. No cliches, no boring stuff. We find artwork from Doris fitting to our appartment perfectly. Her Industrial motives enchance the atmosphere of our loft space and we have been looking at it for several months with pleasure. It is nice to have a piece of personal art with a story behind, that you can open and discover over and over again. We also love the wall painting from Doris in our room. Very original, 3D large scale art. Not in a catalog, but trust us - a great job!


Iwona a Roman